Our Indian Practice

Most of the firm’s practice involves serving the wide-ranging legal needs of Indian tribes and other Native American entities and individuals. Since 1964, our firm has represented tribes and related entities around the country, including in Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Nevada, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Oregon, California, Arizona and Alaska. We are experienced in virtually all legal issues that confront our Native American clients.

The firm’s attorneys, most of whom have practiced Indian law for their entire legal careers, have litigated cases for our tribal clients in federal, state and tribal courts. The firm has been before the United States Supreme Court on the merits eight times. In our most recent Supreme Court case, the firm’s efforts led to a decision affirming treaty hunting and fishing rights against a challenge by the state of Minnesota and allied entities.

In addition to defending treaty hunting and fishing rights, our work involves tribal sovereignty and jurisdiction, taxation, water rights, federal government contracting, and natural resource development on- and off-reservation, including solar energy and other renewables, coal, coal bed methane, oil and gas, timber, sand and gravel, limestone, clay, molybdenum and gold. We have negotiated complex agreements for on-reservation projects with large multi-national corporations. We have helped our tribal clients develop and improve tribal constitutions and ordinances and the quality of tribal court systems. The firm also has a long record of advocating for tribal interest before Congress, federal agencies, and state and local governments.